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ISO 9001 certificates-RHJC

Pieza de mano dental-PRIME-407-50EI-BRUSHLESS-RHJC

Brushless micromotor dental-Prime 407-50EI-RHJC
Complete micromotor unit with controller and motor. Brushless dental handpiece with high torque 8.0N.cm & max speed 50,000RPM. 220-240V(50-60Hz)
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Prime407-50EI-RHJC is the representative Brushless dental micromotor, The brushless motor has a higher service life, which is 16 times that of the brush motor. In addition, the brushless motor has excellent low noise and low heat performance, which is the best choice for high-quality users


Brushless motor design NEVER needs to change carbon brushes.
High Torque: 8.0N.cm
Max Watts Output: 230
Speed: 1,000 to 50,000RPM
Electricity Volt:220-240V(50-60Hz)
Handpiece Standard Collet:Φ2.35mm  (Φ3.0mm upon request)
Fuse: 2A

Control box with digital display
Self-diagnosis error display,
Ergonomic and compact design
Right & left-turning direction
Variable speed hand/foot pedal
Automatic stop system for overload
Use ceramic bearing(Life expectancy 1.5times)


brushless dental micromotor factory photoes
Tianjin RHJC Scientific and Technological Limited, was founded in 1998, is a high-tech enterprise in the field of micromotor grinder manufacturing. It is located in the Xiqing economic development area, Tianjin city, China. We have more than 20 years of experience in developing and manufacturing micro motor grinder, we have three core competitiveness products: dental micro motor, nail drill, and jewelry & dental lab micromotor.
RHJC start to develop dental micromotors in 2002, our new technology with patent make our clinical product become more and more popular in the dental industry. Our E-type dental motor will satisfy all your requirements no matter any kind of general density micromotors you need.
1, Competitive selling point of PRIME407-50EI-RHJC
  -Brushless motor type & more durable 
  -new design with fashion shape
  -low noise and low heat
  -China top manufacturer of dental micromotor

2, After-sales.
    RHJC micromotor & electric nail drills have a 1-year Guarantee,
    Because we are the manufacture, any problem it may happen Would be handled responsibly

3, Do you support OEM?
    We support OEM & ODM service as you can reach the minimum order.
    We have a lot of European and American customers who have already cooperated. 
    You can see many products very similar to RHJC in the market or at the exhibition.

4, Internation Certificates.
   RHJC micromotor handpieces have the latest annual international certificate, like CE, FCC & ROSH, etc.
   other certificates you need especially, we can discuss.

5, Factory Visit
    It's appreciated to invite you to visit the factory in Tianjin China.
     Please kindly informed us at least one week before your visit date.

6.To be an Agent.
   Please kindly provide the relative information to showed that you are a wholesaler or distributor, After that, we will fully support you. thanks for your understanding.
   In addition, If you want to be the only distributor in the region, we need to sign a contract with you for the regional annual sales amounts requirements, and then protect you.

7. About Sample
    We are very happy to provide you the sample for the test, and will also charge the relevant fees, thank you for your understanding.