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Russia Lucky Nail Company - RHJC OEM cooperator
Nail Force brand is a famous nail drill distributor in Russia, it belongs to Lucky nails company, we have wide cooperate with Force Nail in nail drill OEM business.

Our high reputation guarantee nearly 10 years excellent work in various nail drill production. No matter for beginners or professional nail artist. As you can get RHJC popular product series like RENHE 315, RENHE 107 PRIME 202PRIME 221 RENHE 317 PRIME 1210 RENHE 503 corresponds to Force brand nail drill. RHJC has professional experience in developing high technology micromotors, our carbon brush and brushless micromotors are both have excellent speed and torque performance, for detail video comparing test on Youtube please check the follow link:
Nail Force is the most successful nail drill distributor in Russia, The key element is the 10 years focus on high quality product manufacturer, RHJC is honor to be most loyal partner in Asia, our nail drill have better performance and lower fail rate, furthermore, our modernize production management determine our price is lowest as same level nail drills in other brand. Lucky nail also purchase new creative options in nail drill industry, RHJC never stop develop new models and update our old models, no matter in visual design, humanized control box, micromotor parameter or convenient handpieces.

Lucky nails
Lucky nails enterprise has the same goal as RHJC in nail drill industry, this point guarantee our nearly 10 excellent cooperation in OEM business.
Lucky nails has been working in the nail service industry for 10 years and is ready to share all his knowledge. With the professional knowledge of salon business, they aims to not only selling products, but also found the real needs of consumers.
All the nail drills of Lucky Nail are provided by leading and proven professional brands. Their consultants are always willing to provide professional help in selection. Their services exceed everyone's expectations. Over the years, they have studied thousands of equipment providers and manufacturers. Now They can boldly recommend every product we choose. If there are any problems or minor defects, They are ready to give you our greatest support immediately.

The OEM product selected by Lucky Nails in RHJC company
PRIME 1210
As the most popular portable nail drills in RHJC, Lucky Nail select this model with no doubt, its beautiful appearance and excellent performance will satisfy all nail beauty requirement.
Nail Force order RENHE 315 series micromotor, combination with different handpieces such as 119, 107 and 120. The max speed of 35,000RPM and 2.8N.cm will satisfy most nail beauty process requirement, multiple models of handpiece will attract various customers with different usage habits.
Nail Force start cooperate with RHJC for the first nail drill - RENHE 107. Its concise appearance design meet the preferences of many customers. But the same micromotor parameter with RENHE 315 also guarantee excellent performance in practice. At last, the competitive price is the key element no one can refuse.
The excellent performance of Prime 202 micromotor is 4.8N.cm torque and 50,000RPM max speed. Nail Force choose this model in the reason of high torque and speed.
Comparing with PRIME 202 micromotor, this model has high torque of 5.8M.cm, Nail Force select this model to satisfy customers with high expectation in producing performance.
Simple appearance design never covet the high performance of 4.5N.cm torque and 45,000RPM max speed.
Lucky Nail select this model for customers with basic needs, especially for beginners or education institution.
If you also interested to make private lable product in different  area, 
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