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Germany Emmi-Nail - RHJC OEM cooperator

Germany Emmi-Nail - RHJC OEM cooperator

Emmi-Nail is a professional nail beauty company in German, this company provide various manicure products for million customer. It including:
Nail drills
Manicure bit
Ceramic bit
Sanding belt
Handpiece bit
Emmi-Nail company is focus on high quality and high tech products, its all series of products are cost-effective. As the most popular manicure company in German, Emmi-Nail provide not only nail beauty tools and materials, but also the indeed requirement of consumers. High quality without negotiation will be the most important element to ensure that no matter for nail beauty beginners or professionals will be satisfied by their manicure experience.
There are millions of customers in Europe select Emmi-Nail products, all of them are satisfied by its brand reputation. RHJC start collaborate Emmi-Nail company firstly with our most  cutting-edge product RHJC prime 1210.
As you can find a familiar nail drill in Emmi-Nail company website,

As the best portable nail drill in RHJC, Emmi-nail select these two models to collaborate with our company,
RHJC prime 1210

This is our high-tech invention in rechargeable nail machine area. Brushless micromotor will dispel your misgiving of carbon brush error, you never need to fix handpiece once after long-term usage. Right & Left turning direction will increase nail polishing efficiency, nail artists can adjust their handpiece without work suspension. In order to protect both nail drills and artists, we add automatic stop system in this model. The 2600mAh high capacity can ensure at least 25 hours operation time. All these technology with the 30,000RPM speed make this to be the most successful nail drills in word-wide.
This model is the most popular and high-tech nail drills are selected by this famous company, they compare our nail drills with thousands of other models in same level. There is no doubt that our products have higher performance with lower price.
RHJC spend more than ten years to develop our nail drills, manage every process of producing, try our best to control production cost in every step. New and high technology application in production process help us update our old models, in addition, it will also encourage us to create new models to satisfy customers increasing requirement.
Portable and rechargeable nail drills are perfect option for both manicure beginners and professionals. But there is a big issue for rechargeable nail drills, how to balance nail drill operation time and working performance. Every customer want their nail drill to finish their manicure process in any place. They will be happy to share their nail beauty experience with their friends or family member, this need the nail drill battery to provide long time operation.
RHJC technology team combine high capacity lithium battery with brushless micromotor for RHJC prime 1210. This guarantee these products can provide max speed of 30,000 RPM and over 25 hours operation time.  The operation performance will never make realize this is a rechargeable nail drill, it has the same max speed, high torque and long time enough for you daytime manicure operation.
If you also interested to make private lable product in different area, 
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