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ISO 9001 certificates-RHJC
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Hong Kong Beauty Show 2019-RHJC

Hong Kong beauty show in November 2019

Time: November 2019
Venue: Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center

As an international city, Hong Kong will attract guests from all over the world. In addition, various beauty products will exhibit in this show, RHJC focus to provide the most popular nail drill for the costumers. With a year development, we have updated our old models and invent new models, all these products are highly praised by customers.
RHJC order a 12 booth in this beauty show, with all our nail drill machine. As we have participated in Hong Kong exhibition for 3 years, we realize that, our reputation and high-technology will satisfy more and more distributors and consumers.

RHJC most premium nail drill—— PRIME-1210 and PRIME-1210d
RHJC has spent most time and energy to develop the 1210 and 1210d series, and try to grantee the newest technology in world-wide. The motor performance in this series has the best technology in the world, its brushless motors can guarantee 10000 hours operation without failure.
We put the more high-end 1210 and 1210d in the most prominent display cabinet. There is no doubt that our exhibition strategy had get a huge success . All these samples machine are bought by exhibitors the exhibition time. We also sent to large customers with OEM intention. All the customers are impressed by PRIME-1210 and PRIME-1210d highly technology, excellent performance and low-failure rate.

RHJC most popular nail drill——RENHE-119N
As the hottest selling nail drill, RENHE-119N-RHJC has get high reputation in the world, thousands of distributors and consumers get satisfied operation experience. No matter control box or motor performance are all have good product quality with the lowest price in nail machine market.

RHJC new model nail drill——RENHE-315N
As an international city, Hong Kong will have guests from all over the world. Besides Europe and the United States, we also met many old friends from Oceania and Southeast Asia,We meet in Hong Kong beauty show every year, they will purchase 1 year storage of nail drill for sell in their countries or regions.
In this year,  the retail customers who have bought our RENHE-119N series before will choose some new products like RENHE-315N this year, which will increases the efficiency and convenience in operation process.

With 4 year experience in Hong Kong beauty show, RHJC nail drill have got connection with various customers. Our high technology nail drill PRIME-1210 and PRIME-1210d, RENHE-119N and RENHE-315N series with high performance and reasonable price are all 20 years of hard developed products in RHJC. In this beauty show, all our products guarantee that RHJC has the maximum potential to be the most approved brands in nail drill industry. We will try our best to develop more and more nail drills to satisfy customers requirement in world-wide.