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ISO 9001 certificates-RHJC
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Kevin-TAT-From JAPAN

TAT Co., Ltd. is Japan's largest and most popular comprehensive manicure agency.
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In Japan, there are 7 professional nail art direct-operated stores and 11 franchised stores. In 2011, they entered China, and opened the first overseas legal person and overseas direct-operated store "Charledova Shanghai International Trade Co., Ltd.". Because of this, I have garnered the attention of people in the overseas nail industry, and have signed overseas agencies in 6 countries and regions.
The company has been established for more than 10 years. With strong development strength, rich product information, and dedicated after-sales service, it has led the development trend of the Japanese nail industry and has continuously contributed to the promotion of the internation alization and diversification of the nail industry. At the same time, we adhere to the corporate faith and through unremitting efforts, we have achieved the promotion of the development of domestic and foreign nail industry and market, served the vast nail industry, promoted high-quality products and advanced technologies, and cultivated the enterprise value of professional talents.

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