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Sydney Beauty Show 2019-RHJC

Sydney Beauty Expo Australia 2019

Exhibition: Sydney Beauty Expo Australia 2019
Time: August 2019
Venue: International Convention CenterCC Sydney

Sydney is the largest city in Australia, also the most modern city in Australia. As the population of 2 million, manicure industry has great potential to grow in this area. Sydney is a very comfortable place, whether it's environment or people. Most of the local people are simple and natural, and at the same time, it's compatible with the politeness and gentry in western culture. The local women are become more and more love for manicure, this is the perfect time to participate in this beauty exhibition, RHJC as a nail drill micromotor manufacturer ,we provide all our nail drills in this exhibition. Try our best to help our customers select their most interesting nail drill.

According to the contact with Australian customers in the past, it is a challenge to develop this manicure industry. Customers didn’t have detail requirement in nail drill machine, but our products with high quality, high performance and low fail-rate also impress all customers in this show.

At first, we provide our best selling product Renhe-119, and the upgraded Renhe-119-120mt HP. This product have get world-wide reputation, it’s speed of 35,000RPM and torque of 2.8N.cm make it satisfy most nail artists requirement. In addition, it’s the most reasonable price will also attract more customers. RHJC spend 20 years to constantly improve our Renhe-119 series. So as our expectation, these two models have get hundreds of guests’ interesting. Not only by its excellent performance but also unexpected low price.
Renhe-119-120mt HP.

We also exhibit the high-end portable nail drill Prime-1210 and Prime-1210d, these two models both use RHJC new brushless micromotor. This guarantee our nail drills has higher speed, higher torque and longer operation time than same level products. Regardless of the excellent performance, the modern appearance design and various color option are also the key elements to satisfy millions of customers in world-wide. These models impress all customers in the exhibition area, they never realize that RHJC nail drill can be so convenient and effective.

At last, we exhibit Renhe-503 series on our booth, this is the basic product in our company, so it is suitable for nail beauty DIY, specially beginners and nail art education. Training institutions will purchase this model for students to practice basic manicure operation process. Beginners also need this perfect nail drill to start their nail beauty experience.

Compared with Europe and United States, Australian market is not very large. In this exhibition, 80% of the visitors are local dealers in Australia, and 15% are from New Zealand. We are confident that as the development of manicure industry, the requirement of nail machine will increase dramatically in the future. In this exhibition, Our products performance herald our marketing strategy will be successful. We are looking for reliable distribution agents in Australia also nail drill wholesalers in  in order to satisfy the local market requirement. In addition, we are glad to support our exclusive OEM service for cooperators.