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The best portable Nail Drill-Prime 1210-RHJC

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Author : David- RHJC
Update time : 2020-07-31 17:22:25

We will find a powerful portable nail drill competitor’s product(D brand Product)and make the comparison test
To show why we say Prime 1210 is the best portable nail drill. 

D brand represents a good quality level in general china and part of the western world, it's a good factory brand located in DongGuang China.So,
D brand also is a powerful R & D nail drill manufacturer as RHJC.

We will prove the above conclusion through the following three points under
- Battery life comparison
- Nail drill Handpiece performance
- Collet structure of handpieces front part

portable nail drill pink


Nail drill battery life

For rechargeable wireless nail drill machine, the battery plays an important role in the user experience. The main influencing factors include the battery weight, battery quality and battery capacity.


D brand product

Battery type

LG brand lithium batteries(with all necessary safety certifications)


Chinese brand lithium battery

Battery capacity.

Over 25 hours of working time in fully charged.

8~10 hours

Battery life

>3000 hours


Battery recharged times

2000 times


Conclusion: Prime 1210 can provide enough battery performance to enhance the consumer experience while keeping the body light.

Nail drill handpiece performance

When we talk about the main performance of nail drill handpieces.
We would learn about its output and torque, which has defined the power of nail drill; what's more, when we talk about the user experience, we would not across the heating problem, the noise problem; and of course, the maintain problem; There is also the dissemble problem-related the maintenance issues, which have never been avoided. Please see the details as the following chart shows
  Prime-1210-RHJC D brand
Motor type brushless brushless
Motor quality Self R&D by RHJC Normal domestic motor
Output & torque enough power with high precision High power with normal precision
Noice Low noise even in high speed With noise in normal speed
heating Low heat High temperature
disassemble Easy operate and maintain difficult

Collet structure of handpieces front part

When we talk about the handpieces structure, it must relate the high and some core technology and secrets. here we just discuss the front half of the handpiece Structural design. Because it highly related to the using life and experience of the nail drill machine.
closed structure of nail drill handpieces
  advantage disadvantage
Closed structure
prevent dust from entering the handpiece and destroying the bearings and other high-precision components during the working process of the handpiece.
May cause high temperature and difficult to spread
Open structure
D brand
can quickly dissipate the heat
a large amount of dust will directly enter the handpiece and damage the bearing and other high-precision components, causing extra abnormal noise and vibration
Under normal physical conditions, the closed structure will cause the heat to rise sharply, because in a small and enclosed space when an object rotates at a high speed and is under load, the heat generated by the friction between the objects cannot be discharged to the outside.
But according to the test data in December 2019:
Under the same indoor temperature, air humidity, load, and time conditions: the handpiece temperature of D brand is 5-8 degrees Celsius higher than that of PRIME1210
prime 1210-black & white


Prime 1210 can prevent the dust get in the nail drill handpieces collet, while the handpiece keep in low temperature and low heat;
There are only a few nail drill manufacturers in the world that can achieve this technology. We RHJC is one of them.
In China, only we can do it and sell them at very competitive prices.
Warmly welcome you to contact us and we will try our best to 100% meet your requirement.