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How to choose the nail drills 2021

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Author : David-RHJC
Update time : 2021-05-05 17:16:42

How to choose the nail drills 2021

We usually do just our nails at home maybe once in a couple of weeks, while professional use means that you will be working with it almost every day working with the clients. May be taking off their acrylic nails and so on.


1.The first and the most important thing is power.

Unfortunately, manufacturers do not mention it on the actual device, so you need to look for the technical specifications. So this number should be at least 30 watts when it's slower for example this one, this one has great reviews on Amazon but it's only 20 watts so you cannot comfortably take off acrylic nails. It's just not powerful enough while all the rest that we have here have at least 30 watts of power.
Power is different than the rotation speed because it's the kind of power that you have in your car, so the more powerful it is, the more product it will be easier to remove another thing.

2.Max speed at least 30,000rpm

Most nail technicians are looking for is speed but it matters not as much as power. let me explain for professional use, you need to have at least 30,000 rotations per minute speed and all of these nail drills still have the speed and this one maximum is 40,000 rotations(图片) per minute but if there's not enough power 30,000 RPM will not feel the same.
For example, in this one, because the power is different just look for those who have at least 30,000 patients per minute because if the maximum speed is like 15 it will just not be enough.


3.Handpiece rotate at least in two direction

The next one is forward in Reverse mode so whether you're right or left-handed you will still need this handpiece to rotate at least in two directions which are clockwise and counterclockwise so forward and reverse.  The note is the one that switches between them for electric file manicure or sometimes for removal product,  sometimes when you need to work on yourself it's comfortable to switch to the opposite direction. So make sure that the electric nail file you're shopping for has at least forward and reverse mode

4.Lightweight handpiece

The next one is the handpiece there are different colors sizes and styles of the handpiece, and it's a matter of personal preference. For example, I think that is better if you have a lightweight handpiece because if it's heavy you will just get too tired after the whole day of work, and your whistle might hurt while if you're just getting started and you will take some super lightweight handpiece it might be a bit challenging for you to feel how it works and gives enough pressure. I prefer very lightweight handpieces, but you just need to try and feel and choose what you like the most.

5.The cord of the handpiece better in straight

Besides handpieces, they all have a cord and usually, it's like this it's curved or sometimes is just straight and my personal preference is when it's straight, and here's why when it's curved. when you're working just doing something it always happens that you know it just messes up around your bottles things and also, the dust gets stuck in between those and it's really hard to clean this one. So that's why I prefer this trade fun but in general, it's not a big of a deal. The most important thing you need to look for is the power and court it's more like of the personal taste preference.

anti dust handpiece and straight cord

6.Nail drill handpiece can fit all your nail drill bits  

And last but not least is the tender 3/32 inches bead size and I believe most professional nail drills and even non-professional ones have this size but you need to make sure that all of your nail beads you will be using will fit it. So always checks it before purchasing your electric nail file drill
another aspect that does not matter to me much but it may if you're looking for some A certain style for your salon is the appearance is the style of how it looks. Some of them have a futuristic style like this one(图片) and by the way, I have the review on this one some of them are small this is the one by exclusive nail couturethis is super lightweight is just perfect for traveling and by the way. It's still quite powerful well some of them have you know just a regular design but they're still powerful and good so you just need to look at what works for you, which one do you like the most. But I keep my electric nail file in the drawer so nobody can see how it looks so it doesn't matter to me much. (放上集中图片)

7.Choose one brushless nail drill if you can afford

If you have higher expectations for nail art, choose a brushless nail drill. After thousands of tests by many brands, the results show that brushless nail drills have a better experience and service life. Users will clearly feel that compared to traditional brushed nail drills, brushless nail drills have less heat and lower noise. And the characteristics of low vibration, not only that, its service life is 10 times that of a brushed nail drill, reaching an astonishing 10,000 hours.

fashion luxury nail drill -primr1210
Now let's review what you need to look for when shopping for a professional electric nail file one and the most the important thing
-power it should be at least 30 Watts usually is between 30 to 60 watts then you need to look for
 this speed should be at least the maximum speed of 30,000 rotations per minute.
-it should have forward and reverse mode the handpiece
-should be comfortable lightweight and just feel good when you're working with that
-one the court can be any that you like but I prefer the straight ones and the slide should have a
 standard 3/32 size bit
-Choose the nail drill in brushless micromotor as you can
So these are the things you need to look for when shopping for electric nail file I can include the list with some names that I know that work for these specifications all you need to do is to be registered and nails pro Kadima com if you're not yet and you can download this list for free under this video.
Thank you so reading the article, please let me know what kind of nail drill are you using currently and are you happy with this one, I use the one called RHJC prime 1210d  this is the best nail drill from the manufacturer RHJC. the maximum speed of it is 35,000 rotational per minute and power are 65 watts it's pretty cool it's portable and brushless micromotor. it's a very lightweight handpiece and doesn't heat, easy for you to travel or start the manicure job anywhere anytime

best brushless nail drill-Prime1210d
(Rechargeable-nail drill-Prime1210d)