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How to choose a profeesional nail drill supplier

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Update time : 2021-01-06 19:27:22

1. The nail drill supplier's products must have obvious competitiveness

  1.1 High performance

  -Support high-speed operation, the maximum operating speed can reach 30000~35000rpm
  -Brushless micromotor
  -Low vibration, low noise, low heat

  1.2 High appearance

  -Manicure plays an important role in women's beauty, high-end nail drill machine can increase the amount that customers are willing to pay

  1.3 Competitive price

  -The price should  lower than that of international brand products with similar performance,at present, only the best Chinese nail drill manufacturer can meet this requirement

  1.4 Have a brand influence

  -Appeared at the International Beauty Exhibition.
  -Have a good reputation in the nail related industry.
  -There is an official website to find on Google.

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2. Nail drills Suppliers must have excellent after-sales service

  2.1 Longer warranty time

  -A warranty period of 1 year or more is required

  2.2 Damaged core components can be replaced

  -The nail handle is composed of high-precision parts. Collision, dust, water, and other conditions may cause small parts to wear. Find the nail drill factory to replace the appropriate parts, so that the machine can continue to work, otherwise, the machine will be Scrapped for a small failure

  2.3 Fast after-sales acceptance

  -Ability to directly contact manufacturers instead of trading companies
  -Support multi-channel instant after-sales, telephone, website, social media
  -Quickly use video or pictures to find faults and solutions to fix the electric nail drill

3. Able to maximize your profits

  Ability to customize self-owned brand products that are more in line with their own market  and support OEM and ODM services with low cost

4. Different choices for nail tools wholesalers and nail salon owners:

4.1 Wholesale store

If you are a big shop and you know your nail market well, we suggest you divide your product series into 2~3 levels.
If the customer is a beginner enthusiast, we recommend basic-level products. If the buyer has some performance requirements and a limited budget, we recommend mid-level products;
If the customer is an advanced technician and enthusiast, or a nail salon owner, we will not hesitate to recommend a professional high-end portable nail drill machine


4.2 Nail salon owner

If you are a technician or investor, are operating or planning to run a nail salon, a portable professional brushless nail polisher is your best choice.
The brushless grinder has a longer service life and does not require regular replacement of the carbon brush in the handle
The rechargeable portable nail drill machine makes the manicurist's workplace more flexible


4.3 RHJC nail polisher introduction and related references

Basic models: Renhe503
Medium model: Renhe119 and Renhe315
Advanced player models: Prime1210 & Prime1210d

5. How to judge that the nail drill supplier is a strong manufacturer and not a trading company

-Can provide factory pictures and videos in different directions at any time
--Have a complete product test report, as well as the IS09001 report of the international organization audit
-Possess proof of participation in international exhibitions
-Have the ability to efficiently carry out OEM and ODM
-Cooperation cases with internationally renowned brands
-Possess product development capabilities

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