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Why, how, and when should we do the Nail Drill Maintenance?

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Author : David-RHJC
Update time : 2020-11-10 19:32:18

1. It's vital to maintain your nail drill (Why)

Whether you are a nail shop owner or a nail enthusiast who uses it at home, nail drill plays an important role in your life economy. Nail Drill is a precision instrument that has emerged in recent years. A good precision instrument is often not cheap, and it is essential to the maintenance of the Nail drill. The following articles will teach you how to maintain a nail drill handpiece, how to maintain nail drill bits, how often to do it, and how to deal with faulty-machine situations
dustproof nail drill-prime 1210

2. Nail drill handpieces maintain(How)

  2.1-Be Sure To Dry All Parts!

 Be sure to dry and disinfect each and every part before use. They should be completely dry before being put back. Try putting all of your file parts in their separate container so that they won’t touch other dirty objects, and so that you always know where they are.

   2.2-Use a fine cloth or toothbrush to clean the dust & debris from small crevices

   2.3-Hold your device carefully & steadily without bending the handle. Keep track of the angle the drill’s cord is sitting.

   2.4-Don't use lubricating agents on your drill

It’s unnecessary to use lubricating agents on your drill. Typically, nail drills are built with self-lubricating bearings. Additional oil can generate too much heat which can wear down the machine & cause it to overheat.

   2.5-Always make sure you unplug the electric file before cleaning it.

   2.6-Don't let strangers touch your nail drill,

Including your family, husband, children, and non-technical employees in the salon, because it is likely that their curiosity and irregular operations will cause the machine to be damaged. You don’t know.

3. Maintenance about nail drill bits 

3.1-Make Sure To Hygienically Cleanse Your Bits

 It probably seems like a pain to regularly cleanse your drill bits, but trust me, clean tools hygiene is a great habit to practice when you are learning how to use a nail drill. Make sure to disinfect your nail file bits before and after use,  each time you use it. This is especially true if you are going to be using the electric file on more than one pair of hands!

3.2-Use A Toothbrush To Remove Builtup Debris And Dirt

 Scrub the dirt off your drill with a small brush – a toothbrush is a great choice in this kind of situation! Then, you’ll want to rinse the parts with soap and water. If the debris contains nail polish, you can even soak the drill bits in acetone for a few minutes.
nail drill handpiece seperate

4. How often should maintain(When)

      If you are a DIY nail art enthusiast, we recommend that you wipe it carefully with a soft cloth after every use, and then use a small brush to clean; if you are a nail salon shop, you can fix a time every day, before going to work, Or clean and maintain all machines uniformly before going to work; we generally recommend. For nail technicians and nail salon shops, we usually recommend using a Nail drill handpiece with dust and water resistance.

5.For Mechanical Fault

The user should be very sensitive to the operation of the nail polisher because there are many precision parts in the handle. You can't see the vulnerable parts. I mean you have to feel whether
 -the sound of the nail polisher is different from before.
 -The vibration is Isn't it bigger than before?
 -Is the fever more serious than before? 
These different user experiences should arouse your attention. We do not recommend that users try to repair directly.
The correct way is to cut off the power in time, and then contact the nail supplier or manufacturer.
If the fault is not clear, we do not recommend users to try to repair the Nail drill by themselves.
Under normal use, the biggest cause of damage to the handpieces is that dust enters the handle and damages the bearings and other precision parts. To this end, we can choose a dust-absorbing nail drill such as PRIME923-RHJC, or Prime1210-RHJC with a dust-proof structure handle

Vacuum nail drill -prime923-RHJC    nail drill handpiece closed structure to prevent dust