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As the title is already telling you story that what this blog will be all about. So yes your thoughts are extremely right this blog is dedicated to all the ladies out there who are curious about their nail care. Ladies spend several hours in the salon for their nail treatments by nail drill machines but have you ever think to do all this at your home by yourself? The way you can take care of your nails no one else can. An instrument which is used by Nail technicians to sculpt your nails is called a nail drill. Nail drill is a device through which you can manicure your nails, a handy tool for cleaning your nails and replace bits but it depends which best nail drill you are using. Nail drills have sizes like mini nail drills medium nail drills and heavy nail drills.
If you recently purchased a nail drill and you are confused about what bits you need. When you first get your nail drill it may be stuck which is a temporary placeholder because of newly buy bits. There is a mandrel attach with the drill that will allow you to slide on your sanding bands. If you are a beginner so I will suggest you start with sanding bands. They will slide exactly like mandrel and after that, you can stick it into your drill and then you can start filing your nails. They come up in the fine medium. The difference between the fine sanding bands is that it will leave the surface of nails smooth and help to leave acrylic from nails. People like to use sanding bands more until and unless they are tired and repurchase again. If you are practicing it on the clients so you need to clean it after every usage. Carbide bits are better than sanding paper as do a great job in removing acrylic, they come in gold-coated or silver
 It is very difficult to buy correct nail drill as every company promises to provide the best quality equipment which is not true plus it’s not important that every equipment can work on any type of nails. Nail Drills are usually depended on three factors that include
1. Rotational Speed
2. RPM (revolution per minute)
3. Bit heads. (Bit head comes in many different shapes and sizes which allow technicians to perform various manicure tasks)
There is a very vast variety of dental drill instruments. Some of them will be discussed in this blog:

1.  Electric Nail Drill
Electric nail drill is also called as motor nail drills are made up of continuous and variable speed. Most of the people use Makartt Electric nail drills as it is good in speed and can be customized from 0 to 35000 RPM. It also has an option of forwarding or other side rotation and come with high-speed bearings for more powerful use. It has less sound than others and gives smooth results. The electric drill also includes micro motor handpiece, main controller, handpiece cradle and footswitch.
2.  Dental Drill
There are many situations where people use to drill something out that was very limited access and some of those times they need dental drill cleaning instruments that are handy. Dental drills come with a bolt that is used to drill out behind the axle. Some people also use carbide bars to insert in the dental drill and it is ready to use.
3. Acrylic Nail Drill:
Acrylic nail drill is the most popular type of drill found in salons and homes for making your nails more beautiful and attractive. In acrylic nail drills there are different bits like straight, football, comb, barrels and mandrels. For long pointed nails, a straight bit is a right choice.
Below is a quick guide that how can you clean and sanitize your tools every time at home
Keep in mind to use a clean brush to remove dirt and stains from your nail drills and as well as your nail polish drills. Use warm water and soap to soften the traces of dirt on the grits of your drill. You can also use acetone as a soak instead of warm water
Washing may leave some stains on your machines so it is best to use disinfect to sanitize them afterwards. Only used approves disinfectant to sanitize your nail drills.
There are many nail drill manufactures and nail drill suppliers who sell drill machinery online and as well as wholesales too
Mc cart is a company having a store on amazon.pk which gives a huge variety of portable rechargeable e files which needs charging time for about 2.5 hours which lasts for about 5 hours after usage and depends on how much work you are doing. The best thing about these portable e drills is that they are very cheap in price.
The U POWERED UP 2 hundred is the first electric professional nail drill manufactured specifically for the nail industry the U P 200 continues to be the premier electric nail drill. The U G 12 stainless steel headpiece weighs five point nine ounces which also has twist block chuck which makes changing bits are very quick and easy. It comes with a standard view power control box which features on and off switch, illuminated power indicator light forward and the other side  variable speed control RPMS up to 20000.

Nail drill is surely an easy tool for every nail technician from cleaning up the nails smoothing and shaping an acrylic overlay, to cleaning underneath the free edge. Instead of spending hours to hours at salons it is better to do it on your own anytime at your home.