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Brushless Micromotor VS Carbon Brush Micromotor

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Update time : 2019-08-17 12:29:45


Micro motors are used for incalculable purposes. Micro motors are mostly used by dentists for shaping and polishing teeth, by miniature sculpture makers for cutting the rocks, by nail artists for performing manicure procedures, by the jewelry designers for crafting amazing jewelry pieces and by professionals for several DIY projects as well. A micro motor easily cuts of buffs bones, nails, wood and metal this is why it has wide ranging uses.

A micro motor’s components

A micro motor usually comes with a controller box, a foot pad, a micro motor and a number of hand pieces on which different burs are attached as per requirement. The controller box is the small box that has all the controlling buttons and regulators for the micro motor. A controller box typically has an off / on button, a speed regulating panel, attachment ports for foot pad and micro motor and a button for specifying forward or reversed movement of the hand pieces’ torque direction. A good micro motor can provide the superfast speed of 30000- 60000 rpm. The micro motors are handy, user friendly and highly efficient. While using the micro motor, the hand remains easily moveable as the micro motor is easily held because of its convenient size that fits perfectly in hand and is held more or less like a pen that gives freedom of easily shaping anything on which you are working. The foot pad lets you control the micro motor’s power supply to turn it on or off easily without having to turn the machine on / off from the power supply button on the controlling box. In short the micro motors are extremely convenient, produces lesser noise and provide great performance. It is important that you get a micro motor for whatever reason you want from a trusted and quality supplier. When it comes to extra ordinary service every single time https://www.rhjc-cn.com is highly sought after online store. This online store gets you highly efficient micro motors which come in different sizes, output capacity and colors. Another important aspect attached with the micro motors is their constructional feature that is a micro motor brushed or brushless. The rotations which the micro motor produces, is generated after getting the electric supply. The supply between the static and rotational part requires a medium which usually is in the form of either carbon brushes or brushless magnetic field.

Carbon brushes micro motors

The electric supply from the non-moving or static part of the motor to the rotatory part needs a media. This medium which is used most of the time is a carbon brush. There are several reasons why the carbon is used instead of any other metal or material for making these contact brushes. Carbon has great tolerance against high temperatures. It can stand temperature up to 3500 o C that means that it will not melt down easily while other economic materials do not possess this quality. The carbon has –ve temperature resistance it means that as the temperature goes up, the resistance comes down. The friction between the rotatory part and the brush creates high temperature and the carbon starts showing better output performance because this unique material works contrary to metals and cuts down the resistance even more because of the increasing temperature. Another unique quality of carbon is that it is self-lubricating. The carbon is an extremely smooth and soft material and when exposed to temperature or friction, it self-lubricates itself. As the carbon is softer than any metal like copper or iron, so the carbon brush takes the shape of rotatory part easily and rather than damaging the rotatory part upon friction, it wears out itself and keep the machine or motor completely safe. Had any other material been used except for the carbon, the friction between that metal and the rotatory part would have caused a greater loss in form of worn out and damaged motor. The carbon wears itself out and does not cause any harm to the motor. These attributes make the carbon brushes highly in demand in case of rotatory motors like dental and jewelry micro motors. When the carbon brush is worn out, it can easily be replaced by anther carbon brush that keeps the micro motor as good as new forever.

Brushless micro motors

The recent micro motors, also known as freedom micro motors, are now coming with brushless feature. The brushless micro motors are also gaining huge popularity due to its great functionality and efficiency. They look a little different than the typical carbon brush micro motors. The brushless micro motors are installed with a heavy duty magnet and the electric power is transmitted to the commotator or the rotatory part through the magnetic field. The brushless micro motors have permanent magnet installed that is why it keeps you from the fuss of changing the continuously carbon brush over and over again. The presence of permanent magnet which does not require a change over time makes the brushless micro motors a little more expensive than the carbon brush micro motors. They also provide high speed rotations just like the carbon brush micro motors (sometimes even a little more). As the electricity is supplied from the non-moving static part to the moving rotatory part without a direct contact of materials, the ratio of total resistance is way lesser than that of carbon brush micro motor.

Both types of micro motors, the carbon brush micro motor or the brushless micro motor, are equally efficient and user friendly. One can choose any micro motor as per the needs, requirements and preference.
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