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Jewelry micromotor exhibition in September Hong Kong

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Author : David-ORO
Update time : 2019-10-28 11:33:35

Jewelry micromotor exhibition in September Hong Kong
The only world-wide Jewelry Fair was held in Hong Kong in September
Because it's a jewelry show, so we bring the jewelry micromotor handpieces
we didn't get a good booth at this fair, which is located in the second-to-last corridor from the corner with six square feet, it is enough for our enterprise to show that our range concentration on jewelry micromotor.

Most popular product-PRIME-407-BRUSHLESS-RHJC

The most popular product during the show was the PRIME-407-BRUSHLESS-RHJC, a high power Torgue 8.0n.cm with 230W output and a Max speed of 50,000 RPM. Compared to the price of PRIME-926-BRUSHLESS-RHJC, it offers excellent value for money in its high end micromotor range.
Best selling product-RENHE-119-RHJC
The best seller is RENHE-119-RHJC, which is the most flexible product in RHJC. It comes with a base of 35,000 RPM, 2.8N.cm Torque , has the widest range of uses and groups, can be used in dentistry, dental laboratories, and nail drill industry , which can be fitted with different handles to work according to your needs.Its price is very friendly, which was get strong interested of the dealer customer who purchase the Korean brands product before .
New product-RENHE-315-RHJC
The new RENHE-315-RHJC, which is more expensive than RENHE-119-RHJC, which has been improved on appearance of the RENHE-119-RHJC. It has holes in the surface for holding the polishing tools, allowing the master to place it quickly and easily to change.
In addition, RENHE-315-RHJC has added a brake function that allows the handler to stop quickly when it needs to be stopped in a split second (such as when changing a small tool grinding head) and to stop quickly in one second without waiting. This greatly speeds up efficiency of the operator. This new product has aroused many dealers and end-users in the exhibition, but we only brought 5 samples, 4 was taken by customer in the second day of the fair, only left one for display.
RHJC R & D and Production, with a strong development and manufacturing capacity, each fair will bring out different new products, so we can go to the forefront of the market. We are eager to communicate with more dealers and users, eager to know more market demand, to solve more problems than they already have. Please keep expecting, new series products will coming soon.