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ISO 9001 certificates-RHJC

RENHE119+119BHP-dental lab micromotor for sale-RHJC

RENHE119+119BHP-dental lab micromotor for sale-RHJC
Complete micromotor unit with controller and motor. Carbon brush micromotor with torque 2.8N.cm & max speed 35,000RPM. 220-240V(50-60Hz)
RENHE119 or RENHE119S handpiece available.
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Renhe 119 Features 

Weight, kg (tip / block) - 0.200 / 0.970;renhe119 specifications
  • Collet - 2.35 mm;
  • The choice of control modes manual / from the pedal - yes;
  • The handpiece (micromotor) with a forced cooling system develops 35,000 rpm;
  • The operating range of ambient temperature is from + 15 ° C to + 35 ° C.


1. Multifunctional micromotor for laboratory micromotor, jewelry micromotor i
2. Good job for manicure as a nail drill for polishing, cutting, milling, trimming, grinding, casting molds or materials and surface finishing


Renhe 119  Purchase
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Renhe 119 manual
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Renhe 119 need fixing

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  • Move the power button on the front panel of the device to the "OFF" position.
  • Plug the power cord into an electrical outlet.
  • Carefully insert the micromotor plug into the socket on the rear panel.
  • Insert the pedal plug into the socket on the back of the device. To switch the device to the pedal mode, select the corresponding mode using the switch.
  • Turn the micromotor ring located in the middle part of the device handle to the left until it clicks to open the attachment clamping mechanism, remove the rod, insert the attachment all the way into the socket and snap the handle ring by turning the ring to the right until it clicks.
  • Make sure the accessory shaft is firmly clamped with the clamp.
  • Turn on the device by moving the button on the device panel to the "ON" position.
  • Using the regulator on the front panel of the unit, smoothly regulate the rotation speed of the nozzle (while making sure that the switch is in the "HAND" mode). If it is necessary to control the rotation of the micromotor using a foot pedal, then switch the device to the "FOOT" mode, set the rotation speed controller to the desired value, and press the foot pedal to turn on the micromotor.
  • To enable reverse rotation of the nozzle, activate the switch on the front panel.
  • Smoothly, without jerking, adjust the rotation speed of the nozzle.
  • Move the power button of the device to the "0" position each time the attachment is changed.
  • Use only standard, high-quality, balanced attachments designed for nail correction and pedicure procedures.
  • Do not switch on the device if the rod or nozzle is not installed in it.
  • Do not drop, lubricate, or wash the device and micromotor.
  • Carry out preventive cleaning and check the condition of the micromotor bearings every 6 months in related service centers.


  • Warranty period - 12 months;
  • The warranty is void in case of violation of the rules for operating the device, the presence of mechanical damage or traces of opening the case, and an attempt to repair or adjust the device on your own outside a pointed service center.

For different usage, we have made different motor handpieces developments on renhe 119 micromotor
















Renhe 119 production and assembly process


-yesMaintain cooperation and competition with Korean brands for more than 20 years
-yesCompanies have been maintaining innovation and upgrading product quality
-yesProducts are strongly recognized by Europe, the United States, and East Asian countries;
-yesStable quality supervision system and after-sales service
-yesAll products have passed European CE certification, FCC and ROSH testing

Benefits of Corporate with us

yesTHE original RHJC micromotor comes from the China RHJC factory.
yes100% after-sales service to help you solve all questions
Mature production plan to ensure the delivery time of preparation
Complete quality inspection system to ensure the perfect operation of each product;
One on one discussion with RHJC technicians about OEM/ODM service

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Product Name: Renhe 119
Weight: 2.1kg
Output: 65W
Speed: 0-35000RPM
Torque: 2.8N.cm
Direction: Forward/Backward
Plug: US.AU.UK.EU and ALL
Certificate: ISO900,CE,ROHS,SGS
Warranty: 1 YEAR
Voltage: 100V-120V/220V-240V
Collet size: 2.35mm
Package: Bubble bag+Foam+Carton
Quality: High-quality Standard

Fuse: 2A
Ergonomic and compact design
Variable speed hand/foot pedal
Right & left-turning direction
Automatic stop system for overload
Use ceramic bearing(Life expectancy 1.5times)

Tianjin RHJC Scientific and Technological Limited, was founded 1998, is a high-tech enterprise in the field of micromotor grinder manufacturing. It is located in Xiqing economic development area, Tianjin city, China. We have more than 20 years experience in developing and manufacturing micromotor grinder, we have three core competitiveness products: dental micromotor, nail drill and jewellery& dental lab micromotor.
In jewelry industry, world-class brand jewelry manufacturers are our stable customers, our jewelry micromotors are applied in various polishing process, such as: golden turning flowers, diamond inlay, jade ,coral & literary carving. In addition, These micromotors are also highly applied in dental laboratory area.



1, Competitive selling point.
  -lower heat & noise.
  -Popular design with fashion shape.
  -Bestseller product with a friendly price.

2, After-sales.

    RHJC micromotor & electric nail drills have a 1-year Guarantee,
    Because we are the manufacture, any problem it may happen Would be handled responsibly

3, Do you support OEM?

    We support OEM & ODM service as you can reach the minimum order.
    We have a lot of European and American customers who have already cooperated. 
    You can see many products very similar to RHJC in the market or at the exhibition.

4, Internation Certificates.

   RHJC micromotor handpieces have the latest annual international certificate, like CE, FCC & ROSH, ISO9001, etc.
   other certificates you need especially, we can discuss.

5, Factory Visit

    It's appreciated to invite you to visit the factory in Tianjin China.
     Please kindly informed us at least one week before your visit date.

6.To be an Agent.

   Please kindly provide the relative information to show you are a wholesaler or distributor, After that, we will fully support you. thanks for your understanding.
   In addition, If you want to be the only distributor in the region, we need to sign a contract with you for the regional annual sales amounts requirements, and then protect you.

7. About Sample

    We are very happy to provide you the sample for the test, and will also charge the relevant fees, thank you for your understanding.