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How to choose a proper electric nail file 2020

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Author : David-RHJC
Update time : 2020-10-22 14:51:05


How to choose a proper electric nail file 2020

How do you choose the best nail drill for yourself? If you’re curious about the answer to this question, then keep reading to learn everything you should know about picking the right one out.
Following is the checklist
1. Power. 
It has nothing to do with rotation speed. It is usually shown on an electric file or come together with technical documents. It is measured in Volts (not input power!) and should be more than 30 V. If you will see that some electric file drill is 15 or 20 V it simply won’t be able to take off the product properly.
2. Rotational speed
If you plan to use the drill mainly on natural nails, a model that goes up to 15,000 RPM is usually sufficient. However, if you plan to use it for acrylic nails or both natural and acrylic nails, opt for a drill that can handle at least 25,000 RPM.

3.   Lightweight Handpiece
If it’s too heavy you won’t be able to work fast and it won’t feel comfortable. Hands and wrists will hurt after a long working day with such a handpiece.

4.Choose a Nail Machine With Low Vibration
If you are a shop owner (also maybe a nail techie), you will be using these machines for an extended period of time while working on your clients’ hands and toes. So it’s obvious that you need compatibility if you want to work for a long time while holding a tool with more than 3000 rpm speed. Because in this profession patience and precision is of utmost importance.

One of the most important factors to look for while choosing any nail machine is their vibration output. The lower is their vibration the better will be your work time. Furthermore, vibration doesn’t only cause sweat in your hand but can also damage the nails of your client thus leading to bad customer satisfaction which undoubtedly is a nightmare for any business owner.
5.Do You Want To Deal With A Cord?
A corded model will always be plugged in so it won’t quit in the middle of the manicure, whereas a cordless model (portable nail drill) might only last an hour or so before needing hours to recharge. Cordless models don’t always last long enough for acrylic work. The batteries also make them more expensive and heavier to hold, which can impact your comfort level holding the unit.
  Doing refills and manicures is going to mean needing to work in both forward and reverse. This lets you work in a variety of different directions without having to hold your hand in some really twisted positions.
7. Motor Material
Brushless Motor Brushed Motor
· Low heat
· Low noise
· More noise
· Low vibration
· High vibration
·0-35,000 RPM

-More than 10000 hours lifespan
· Energy-saving the power
consumption of a brushless
the motor is only 1/3 of that of
a brushed motor.
-easy to get hot
-more noise
-high vibration
-normally around 20,000 RPM
-More than 600 hours lifespan 

For more information on brush motor and brushless motor please check  here
8. Warranty
MelodySusie offers a 6-month unlimited warranty from the purchase date and you can extend the warranty to one year by register and comment on your order ID. If encounter any problem while using our nail drill, kindly contact us first.


The above 8 factors are about the machine itself, After that, you need to consider two questions

Who you are and what about your budget?
If you are a beginner

If you are a starter and mostly use nail drill at home and would like a nail drill can work at acrylic or nature nail, I would recommend you to choose a basic nail drill with Max. speed around 20,000 rpm and an output of more than 30w but in low price; either cord or cordless, but the cordless nail drill will give you more freedom;
RHJC-RENHE503 would be your best choose

If you are a manicure Technician,
 You should know that choosing a nail drill with a max RPM of 30000 or 35000 will give you more possibilities and higher work efficiency.
Of course, it would have the functions of forward and reverse rotation. If not, it means that the status of the machine itself is relatively low-end
I would recommend :
Renhe119 or Renhe 107(best value)
High end choose: Prime 1210d

If you are the owner of a nail salon
It is recommended that you choose the best electric nail filer. The motor should be brushless type and more durable. Both cordless and corded are needed, and you know the cordless nail drill always looks more fashionable and advance; what's more, The wireless nail drill should be equipped with a powerful rechargeable battery, the cheap cordless model doesn’t always last long enough for acrylic work. 
For corded model with high speed: Renhe 119 
For high-end cordless fashion choose Prime 1210 and prime-1210d-RHJC.

cordless nail drill

In conclusion

As the beginner use of nail drill, you should more focus on basic function like RPM, output, if you are a high-level user or intended to be a professional manicured, you should consider a more advanced model which able to Support you to complete more difficult attempts and nail artwork