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ISO 9001 certificates-RHJC

Professional nail drill manufacturer - RHJC

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Update time : 2019-12-06 18:42:08
 Professional nail drill manufacturer - RHJC

There is no doubt that nail drills has numerous for nail artists, no matter in nail polishing process, or nail beauty work. The most important 3 advantage of RHJC nail drills for customers are depicted as following:

1. High Safety
RHJC safe and stable nail drill will help nail artist make nail polish removal into a more safe and environment friendly method. They don’t need any chemical composition such as nail polish remover or makeup remover. What they can do is using a RHJC nail drill polish the nails gently. Don’t need to worry about damage to nails because of chemical materials, especially for customer with chemical allergy issues.
RHJC nail drills with high quality will provide stable speed and torque in working process. Nail artists can control the nail drill speed easily and quickly. Our products supply the most safe nail beauty service to customers in worldwide.

2. Effective and comfortable
RHJC nail drills make the nail beauty process form handwork into mechanized. Normally nail polish removal work with handmade work need at least 30 minutes. In addition, nail artists also need to familiar with various nail production and follow all steps in usage. By using RHJC nail drills, all these complex work can be finish in a few minutes and simple process. No matter it is ordinary nail polish or extend photo-therapy gel, nail drill will remove it quickly and completely. Customers never need to waiting for long time polishing work, quite and effective nail drill will provide customer effective and comfortable nail beauty experience.
RHJC provide different nail drills with both brushless and carbon brush micromotor to satisfy customers’ requirement. No matter for nail beauty beginners or processional nail artists, they can select the perfect nail drills. All our nail drills have lower noise during operation than same price level products from other companies.

3. High performance
RHJC supply various nail drill bits to replace skin scissor, rubbing strips and other hand and foot pre treatment and care tools. Nail artists don’t need to prepare different tools for all kinds of complicated manicure work, They just need to change different kits in corresponding process. This will increase manicure work efficiency and passenger flow. In addition, increase the professional service items in nail beauty salon, and make the salon's performance multiply.

RHJC provide various nail drills in nail beauty industry, no matter nail drill for beginners or professional nail drill. Our high reputation of quality and safety will satisfy all your requirement.