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Best nail manicure way-Nail Drill RHJC

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Update time : 2019-12-19 15:21:53
Best nail manicure way-Nail Drill RHJC
Nail drill or nail grinder have become an indispensable tool in nail manicure industry, RHJC provide various nail drills with high reputation for customers in worldwide. 20 years of experience encourage us provide best nail drill for different level of nail beauty artists, including: nail drill for beginners,professional nail drill, rechargeable nail drill.
Some customers wander whether it is safety in nail polishing process. We will introduce the safety of electric nail drill in RHJC.


In past days, nail artists will manicure, rub and polish nail surface at first, then pack the unloading nail bags, wait for 10 minutes, use steel pusher to cleat the nail. Normally, it will cost 30-40minutes.
In addition, nail washing water and unloading bags are consist of corrosive materials. Their components contain acetone, ethyl ester, etc., which are volatile fast, flammable, and pungent taste. Sensitive people will feel pungent to eyes, nose and throat, and long-term repeated contact is more likely to cause dermatitis. And after being wrapped by acetone, ethyl ester and other substances, the nail becomes white, dry and brittle.
As the develop of nail beauty industry, modern nail beauty equipment and product are upgrading continuously. As the new concept of manicure- technology and health, The tank armor oil glue gradually replaced the pungent nail polish. The appearance of the grinding machine replaced the tedious pretreatment and unloading steps, so that the customers could refresh themselves and let the manicurist enjoy the nail art creation and make the art design become efficient.

How to use nail drill ?
RHJC provide table grinder lighting, dust collection and grinding in one professional nail drill, Rechargeable nail drill is portable, convenient and fast. Small equipment can solve various problems of pre-treatment.


1. The rotation speed of nail drill can be adjusted according to the situation. In the case of polishing the nail surface, keep moving. It is forbidden to stay on the nail surface for polishing, otherwise, the nail surface will be hot and painful. In addition, it is important to select different methods of grinding head.

2. When unloading the grinding head, it can be polished from top to bottom or from left to right. Do not stay in one place for too long, or polish back and forth in one place, otherwise it will cause discomfort to customers.


3. Nail artists only need to polish the surface of nail gently. Before operation, never need to use the nail remover with chemical composition. It can reduce the times of removing and damage to the nail. Some customers may be allergic to nail remover, which is more suitable for nail drill.
Nail drill is more environmentally friendly, highly functional, multi-purpose, and can also increase the level of the store. Clean up the dust after use, unplug the power supply in time, avoid high temperature exposure and water soaking, simple care, repeated use.