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Use a nail cleaner to absorb the nail dust inside the room to a certain extent, and at the same time absorb a variety of dust in the nail salon.
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  Use a nail cleaner to absorb the nail dust inside the room to a certain extent, and at the same time absorb a variety of dust in the nail salon.
* Built-in high quality battery (optional), can work separately from the power supply
*Low noise, super suction
*Humanized ergonomic design
* can effectively reduce the dust in the work area

Suction machine
Host size: 25cm*20.5cm*10cm
Filter size:13.8cm*13.8cm*1cm
Input voltage: 100V~240V
Output voltage (charger): 12V/4A
Working noise: 80 decibels
The amount of suction: 1.7~2.0m/S
Charging time:3~4 hours
Working time (low speed): 3 hours

Maximum speed: 30,000rpm
Torque: 1.8n.cm
size: Length 14cm high 1.8cm
Handle weight :105g
Control box output power: 45W

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Tianjin RHJC Scientific and Technological Limited, was founded in 1998, is a high-tech enterprise in the field of micromotor grinder manufacturing. It is located in the Xiqing economic development area, Tianjin city, China. We have more than 20 years of experience in developing and manufacturing micromotor grinder, we have three core competitiveness products: dental micromotor, nail drill and jewellery& dental lab micromotor.
In nail polishing machine market, our new nail drill had won 16 patent of utility model technology. We had cooperated with international famous enterprises in worldwide. Our electric nail drill will give more choice in both normal nail drill and nail drill rechargeable.
1, Competitive selling point .
   -Low noise, super suction
   -Humanized ergonomic design
   -Can effectively reduce the dust in the work area

2, After sales .
    RHJC micromotor & electric nail drills have 1 year Guarantee ,
    Because we are the manufacture , any problem it may happen Would be handled responsibly

3, Do you support OEM ?
    We support OEM & ODM service as you can reach the minmal order.
    We have a lot of European and American customers who have already cooperated. 
    You can see many  products very similar to RHJC in the market or at the exhibition.

4, Internation Certificates .
   RHJC micromotor handpieces  have the latest annual international certificate, like CE, FCC & ROSH, etc.
   other certificates you need especially, we can discuss.

5, Factory Visit
    It's appreaciate to invite you for visit factory in Tianjin China.
     Please kindly informed us at least one week before your visit date.

6.To be an Agent .
   Please kindly provide the relative information to show your are a wholesaler or distributor, After that, we will  fully support you. thanks for your understanding.
   In addition ,If you want to  be the only distributor in the region, we need to sign a contract with you for the regional annual sales   amounts  requirements, and then protect you.

7. About Sample
    We are very happy to provide you the sample for test, and will also charge the relevant fees, thank you for your understanding.