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How to select the perfect micromotor for your clinic?

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Author : RHJC
Update time : 2020-01-13 16:52:16
How to select the perfect micromotor for your clinic?

Once we select micromotors, both the handpieces and motors are attached together as a whole system, it is very helpful to commit an article to micromotors where we simplify the choice procedure when picking a micromotor among the extraordinary assortment of models, brands and association systems, so that you can concentrate more time on different regions of your business.
Knowledge of micromotor
Dental micromotors are utilized in dentistry for the treatment of semihard dental tissues. This instrument is associated with the hoses of other dental instruments with a variable association framework. Various velocities and torques are likewise factor, meanwhile two various sorts of instruments can be put onto micromotor unitd: straight and contra-edge handpieces.
Micromotors for contra-edge handpiece: The state of these handpieces form an edge as for the flat, which encourages access to the mouth. Here the micromotor is joined to the handle, and at the opposite end different burs are placed depending on the requirement for every circumstance.
Straight handpiece micromotors: In this case, the state of the instrument is straight, and its essential use is for medical procedures on third molars and modifying of dental prostheses. The hoses are put at the opposite finish of the micromotor and the micromotors have a controller of speed and of the revolution's course. Notwithstanding this, these micromotors can be either pneumatic or electric, the most widely recognized being the pneumatic ones.
Qualities of micromotors
RHJC provide wide range of electric dental micromotors unmistakably appropriate for your dental facility. While picking a micromotor, it is likewise significant to take into account its power. We have a wide scope of micromotors, from the most straightforward ones to other all the more dominant models which can reach up to 50,000 rpm intended for dental procedures requiring high force torque. It has the alternative to speed from 0 to 50,000 rpm, with the end goal that you can control the cycles every moment either by methods for an inherent pedal or utilizing a ring at the base of the micromotor. The extraordinary preferred position of electric micromotors is that speed and torque can be controlled effectively. The best performance item is PRIME-407-50EI-BRRUSHLESS-RHJC.

Another important quality of density micromotor is low noise, it will reduce the pain and anxiety in dental processing. RHJC produce all our micromotors with advanced technology, we can control the noise level to be lowest in dental industry. Especially PRIME-202-50EI-BRRUSHLESS-RHJC.

Here at RHJC, we have a wide range of e-type micromotors, that at last make the work of dental experts much easier, limit harm to patients' dental tissues, and save a parcel of time during dental medicines. Have you figured out which one is the best fit for your dental center? Why not get in touch with us for certain tips!