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Tips of RHJC Nail Dill

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Update time : 2020-03-03 10:42:45
Tips of RHJC Nail Dill
With the development of manicure machine, the variety of nail drill in the market is becoming more and more inevitable.Do you know about your nail drill?
For consumers who are interested in our products, we provide RHJC nail drill menu for detail types and parameters.
In addition, you also can browse our website to select your favorite options

  All our products have RHJC 20 years guarantee in high reputation. They attract numerous customers in international market.
In order to guarantee RHJC nail drill long-term high performance, all customers who will operate our nail drills should know something about the precautions, because it's really important to operate your nail machine with high- performance and low-failure rate.
OK, let's get down to business.
Precautions for RHJC Nail Drill

1: 4-Never
-Never disassemble micromotors (including controller & handpiece)without permission
Our nail drills need complex technical requirement in both assemble and dismantle process, any personal disassemble will damage internal components in controller or handpiece
-Never add lubricating oil
RHJC nail drill handpieces have unique mechanical structure to ensure high speed performance, they don’t need any mechanical lubricating oil to Increase lubricity.
-Never use grinding head with bending or different diameter
Any model nail drill have specific specification grinding head in different process, bending or different diameter will damage handpiece motors in high speed situation.
-Never drop the controller or handpiece.
RHJC nail drill have high-technical crystallization, any impact will damage the internal components, this will cause subsequent faults.

2: 2- Should
-Should keep handpiece with needle loading (grinding head)
Every handpiece should keep with grinding head in order to avoid any damage to internal component in handpiece.
-Shuold rotate the middle lock when unlocking
Handpiece has the middle lock, once unlock it, we need to  rotate the lock first to follow the schedule

3: Battery issue
Too long charging time will cause the battery heating or damage, power supply problems, motherboard heating or burning and other conditions. Generally, it can be charged for 4 hours for full charged. Don't charge the nail drill for too long or even one night. Frequent too long time charging will cause hidden danger of battery function. Don't operate nail drills while charging. Unplug the charger after full-charged.

4: Controller issue
There is a device similar to spring in the key. If you press more, it will not rebound and will not touch the power button on the motherboard. You will feel that the machine is not bright, but it is not. Common problems, don't get tangled up.

5: Handpiece noise
There are two possible causes of noise. One is that if the metal parts in the handle move slightly due to bumping and falling, the metal parts will make abnormal friction noise. Another kind of dust enters the handle in use. After each operation, the dust on the handle should be cleaned. The above problems can be avoided by taking care of your nail drills.