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RHJC micromotor vs korean micromotor

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Author : David-RHJC
Update time : 2020-12-17 17:03:15


Korean micromotor industry has a long history and has a high reputation and stability worldwide. In our many exhibitions and promotions, customers often compare the RHJC micromotor with traditional Korean well-known brands. Today, we are going to do a Comparison of two micromotors (Prime 115 and Korean micromotor) at 50,000 rpm, from 3 aspects:
Max power comparison at Max speed

-Torque comparison in low speed
-Actual operating speed at max speed degree
 performance comparisons in three aspects, hoping to give you a good choice for reference


1.Max power at Max speed

Speed: 50K rpm
Noise: almost the same
bits: Emery grinding head
Test product: hard stone
When we used the Korean micromotor, it was obvious that the handle of the grinder almost stopped running, and the hard stone was not effectively worn.
When we use the RHJC micromotor and hold the dental lab handpieces of the micromotor, and apply force to the ebony stone, the lab handpieces does not stop running, and the ebony stone is effectively polished
Conclusion: RHJC micromotor is more powerful than Korean micromotor when running at 50,000rpm


2.low speed high torque

Speed ​:1K
bits: Emery grinding head
Test product: Wujinshi
But when we used the Korean dental lab motor, the handle of the motor stopped working, and there was no obvious trace of sanding.
When we use the RHJC micromotor, we can hear the sound of the dental lab drill running and rubbing on the ebony stone and space after grinding.
Conclusion: RHJC dental lab micromotor can support low speed and high power operation


3.Actual operating speed at Max speed degree

Visible in the video, through the speed instrument test,
When the South Korean grinder is turned on the button of 50,000rpm, it is only about 47200~47300rpm
When the RHJC micromotor is driven to 50,000rpm, the actual speed is between 49800~50280
Conclusion: Under the same parameters, the RHJC grinder has a higher actual operating speed.

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