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Best Portable nail drill in Australia

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Author : David- RHJC
Update time : 2020-06-11 12:59:45

A portable nail drill machine is generally called a rechargeable nail drill because it is rechargeable ,and is also called a cordless nail drill machine. It is currently the most popular new generation of nail drills. With the growth of the nail market, the demand for rechargeable nail drill in the world has increased significantly, and portable nail drill will play an important role in the Australian market.

Mainly Portable Nail Drill  Recommend

               Name      PRIME 1210     VS    PRIME 1210d
Photo     brushless portable nail drill-rhjc   powerful rechargeable nail drill RHJC
                            Portable   Portable
      brushless micromotor   brushless micromotor
SPEED     Max.30.000rpm VS Max.35.000rpm
Working time     Over 25 hours   Over 25 hours
Charging Time     3 hours   3 hours
Batter type     2600mAh 12V input   2600mAh 12V input
Working direction     Right & Left turning direction   Right & Left turning direction
Protect     Automatic stop system for overload   Automatic stop system for overload
Desigh     Ergonomic Design   Ergonomic Design
Color     Red, Black, Pink vs Grey
Applicable      nail salon, DIY at home, manicure   nail salon, DIY at home, manicure
warranty     1 year    1 year

Cooperation Method

If you are very concerned about our products, please let us know in time, we will easily pack and send you via international express, and you can arrive in  Australia in about 5 days.
Retail price is between $200~$250
If you are a nail shop or a brand chain store, we will provide related discounts.
If you want to be an agent, you will get a bigger discount
If you want to be an OEM or ODM, we are very willing to negotiate with you and meet your needs;

OEM & ODM Servie
The following are the changes of different patterns made by some cooperative customers to PRIME-1210. If you are just interested, please contact us

RHJC portabl nail drill international parner

Why RHJC portable nail drill is successful in the Australian market

1. New generation brushless micromotor

The new generation of brushless kinetic energy greatly extends the service life of the core components of the product. As China's most competitive manufacturer of micromotors, RHJC has exported our self-debugged and developed micromotors to Japan, Germany and Southeast Asia;

Compared with traditional carbon brush micromotors, the service life of RHJC micromotors has increased from 600 hours to more than 10,000 hours. The improvement in product performance is well reflected in portable nail drills, which is how Australians do.

brushless motor

2. Excellent battery life

     There are a variety of portable nail drills on the market, and their designs are getting smaller and smaller and more portable. But we cannot blindly pursue small and light. The lightest portable nail drill on the market, the actual battery life will not exceed 10 hours.

The service life of the coreless nail drill produced by RHJC has reached an astonishing 25 hours, which is enough for ordinary users to use for a week, and even more surprisingly, it only needs 3 hours of charging to provide you with a week of support;

3. Stable motor rotation output

    As we all know, the most difficult technique for nail drilling is to control the stability of the rotating shaft, so that the rotating shaft and the shelf always rotate around the center. In order to overcome this technical problem, we have invested a lot of money in cooperation with Chinese universities to develop a set of dynamic balancing devices on the motor system.

This dynamic balancing system can ensure that our manicurists can freely and accurately polish the target nail position when using it; we will push this technology to the automobile production industry, and we believe we will succeed.

inside part of  nail drill stable control

Exhibition in Australia

Every August, RHJC will go to Melbourne, Australia to exhibit. Among them, portable nail drills are the best-selling model, and the Australian market is also the best-selling market for portable nail drills.
Whether it is a nail machine wholesaler, nail salon owner or a chain of nail shop owners, it has given great support and promotion to our brand

Sydney Beauty Expo Australia 2019

Exhibition: Sydney Beauty Expo Australia 2019
Time: August 2019
Venue: International Convention CenterCC Sydney

RHJC micromotor in sydney beauty show

Other RHJC nail drill product introduction

In addition to producing portable nail drills, RHJC also produces various levels of nail art products according to customer needs
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best seller of RHJC nail drill
Favorites of nail art institutions

nail drill best price-RHJC

New nail drill machine for easy placement of nail drill bit

new design rhjc micromotor
The smallest plug-in nail polisher

mini nail drill RHJC
High power and high speed silent grinding machine

brushless micromotor

About RHJC Portable nail drill manufacturer

It' is located in Saida International Industrial City, Xiqing Advancement Area, with a workshop area of nearly 2200 square meters. Mainly participated in dental fining sand maker, micromotor handpieces, mechanic tools, planting maker, origin canal therapy instrument and other products research and development, manufacturing and sales. The firm's own research study and also development of grinding device items leading technology trusted high quality. Quality and also price by more than 30 countries and also regions of the consentaneous recognition of the sellers. Throughout the years, he has accumulated a secure profile of international partners. Unremitting quest of item technology, and also make every effort to produce the globe's leading clinical device products. Greater than 20 R & D personnel constantly remedy the imperfections of items, optimize performance, committed to boosting the technical web content of the item and manufacturing performance, boost the market competitiveness of the product.
nail drill factory workshop-RHJC
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