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How to use nail drill bits?

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Author : David- RHJC
Update time : 2020-09-01 19:51:29
The tool called drill is known all over the world, for the daily use in homes and industries, is known to all that are devices for making holes through an instrument that is inserted called drill.

Although it seems incredible the drill in its most remote beginnings dates back to 120,000 years ago since the era of the Paleolithic people used mollusk shells as a drill, the mill may have been the precursor of all types of current drills, this consisted of a tip and a handle by which it was made to turn to make the holes.

Another drill of the antiquity was the so-called violin bow, it exercised a rotating action and used even in these days, in the middle of 1.800 already were used metallic drills which were turning by means of a wheel, during the industrial revolution the technology was applied for the best development of the drill, applying the electricity for its operation. device.

There are multiple uses and varieties of the types of drills at present, so there have emerged types of these devices for different applications, one of them is the branch of manicure.

One of the main elements of the drill is the drill bits, with this component, the work of the drill is effectively done, its function in the case of the manicure is well-defined.

A nail drill requires different types of nail drill bits depending on the activity that the manicurist will perform.

In all professions there are adequate tools and materials to facilitate their work, the manicure is no exception, so the professional manicure or the person who practices on his own the care of their nails has available a variety of nail drill bits, these are built in different materials, to achieve different results, each with specific functions.

The field of nail care and beautification has different tips with different types of materials:

  • Ceramic
  • Titanium
  • Diamond
  • Carbon

Apart from the material, the tips, drills, or nail bits come in different shapes and sizes, these to perform different functions:

  • Barrel tips are useful when you want to shorten the nail, they can be used as a base to dull the nail surface, it can be used to draw a smile and to eliminate dents, you should not press excessively on the nail to avoid hurting it, it is not recommended using this tip in the cuticle area to avoid damage to the nail.

They are available in small and large sizes, their usefulness will depend on the size of the nail.1

  • Conical tips, designed to work in the cuticle area, also to remove debris under the nails, serve to remove excess product, with this nail drill bits can achieve a great job on the surface of the nail.


  • Madres, are file holders, they come provided with these filing tapes, they are used to shortening and eliminate the gel nails, they are not used in the cuticle area.

They are used to shortening and eliminate gel nails, they are not used in the cuticle area. There are file holders for maintenance, to give ultra shine and made of rubber for when the nails are natural, these tips are available in different sizes and their filing tapes are replaceable and available in different weights.


  • Bullet points, used for the preparation of the cutícular area, can be used in the narrowest areas and on the sides, also for cleaning under the nail and the lower edges.


  • Oval tip, this tip is also designed for the work of the face, it must be used with caution to eliminate the risk of damage in this delicate area and to prepare the area for permanent enamel.

  • Conical Barrel Tip, special for shaping nails, very functional for the lateral areas.


  • Safety tips are used to remove excess product without risking mistreatment of the customer, as its rounded tip prevents it from reaching the edges and causing damage to the skin of the fingers or cuticle area.

It should be used with care as it can burn if it is repeatedly passed over the nail.


Ceramic nail drill bits are excellent for manicure work, they have the great advantage of not overheating, and the fact that they can work at low speeds provides comfort to customers, the residues they leave are quite thick which facilitates vacuuming.

These drills are identified by color bands, the green and blue are used to remove the gel, the blue has a low drill is ideal for retouching functions, and yellow with red are the lowest drill, serves to change the color of the gel.

Titanium drills are used to make the cuticle turn and remove excess dead cuticles, they do not dull the nail surface, during their use no pressure should be exerted on the nail.


The diamond ones are made with diamond particles either natural or synthetic, they are obtained in different grains and can be used in the two turns, and they lock forward and backward.


Elaborated carbide tips do not scratch the product, but shave it, they have a disadvantage and that is excessive heating.


Nail Drill

Knowing the drills, their types, and uses, it is necessary that we speak of a device that is required for the use of these, it is the device that will give the traction so that the drills fulfill their work.

It is the Nail Drill, and to have a good set of tools for manicure, an excellent drill is required. The RHJC-prime 1210 is a portable Nail Drill that provides better performance and functions when working with nails.

The RHJC-prime 1210 is the best professional Nail Drill on the market, it is rechargeable, 2600 mAh battery independent of 25 hours of operation, gives nail artists more efficiency in their work, available in three beautiful colors, black, pink, and red.

Its lightness provides amazing ease of use, speed and direction are adjustable, no doubt the RHJC-prime 1210 is the most advanced technology Nail Drill today, low impact, does not produce noise and its stability is high precision.

Prime 1210 provides speeds from 1.000 to 30.000 revolutions per minute, it has a micro motor unit, with controller and motor, without brushes, it works for the load with 110 V, its electrical voltage is 12 V, it only requires three hours for its load, it is ergonomic and it has the direction of a turn to the right and to the left.


It is ideal for working with natural or artificial nails, its design makes it comfortable to manipulate, is manufactured with dimensions according to the need and comfort of the user.


Prime 1210 is manufactured by RHJC company with more than 25 years of experience in study, design, manufacture, production, and sales in the branch of Nail Drill, always oriented to the manufacture of products of optimal quality, high performance, and with minimum failure rates and unbeatable prices.

Being the best Nail Drill supplier in China and worldwide is an excellent letter of introduction to the RHJC brand.