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nail drill

How to used a nail drill

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Author : David- RHJC
Update time : 2020-07-27 16:17:30

How to used a nail drill

The Nail Drill can be used for nail care, repair, base treatment, gel repair/removal, and finishing

1. Nail care

After soaking in water to soften the dead skin, use the special dead skin pusher for the nail drill to retract from both sides of the nail. Pay attention to controlling the appropriate force to push up the horny under the dead skin;
Remove the dust on the surface of the nail gully on both sides of the nail scraps in the fingertips;
After subtracting the dead skin, choose a suitable nail drill bits for the area of ​​the finger skin to grind the hardened keratin around the nail;
Choose a suitable grinding nail drill bit for the nail condition to smooth the nail surface;
After the nail surface becomes smooth, throw out the gloss in the order of black, white and gray;

2. Repair

After finishing the nail shape with nail rub, use the corners of the diamond grinding head (French style) to grind the new smile line groove; put the grinding head against the crystal/gel, and adjust the thickness of the construction part to the thicker gel at the rear edge After grinding, use a steel pusher to lift the dead skin and keratin, etc., choose the most suitable grinding head for the skin and nails to clean and remove the remaining keratin under the dead skin

 Carved nail surface

After patching up the repair gel mixture, use 150G nail rub to shape, and use the curvature of the grinding head to evenly polish the thickness of the nail after extension;
Turn the nail over, in order to make the thickness even with the front end of the extension nail, use a finer tip to grind the height difference;
In order not to damage the skin, use a rounded tip to remove dead skin on the edge of the finger and correct the overall shape
After rubbing the surface with bubbles until it is smooth, use a deerskin polishing head to polish the surface of the nail to be smoother

.3 Substrate treatment

Exfoliate dead skin near the finger edge, remove fine parts of dead skin and barbs, etc.

4 Gel repair/removal

Used to polish the curled part of the rear edge and polish the nail surface

5 Final modification

When the gel is applied to the back side, it can be eliminated with a grinding head, and the hardened gel applied to the edges of the finger is removed


What is nail drill

Nail drill is an electric machine combine with control box and handpiece, that is used to shape fingernails and toenails. ... The main purpose of a nail drill is to file down the fingernail or toenail to a workable or aesthetically pleasing length and width。
In the beginning, there were only plug-in carbon brush micromotor micromotor ,such as Renhe-119-RHJC;Now step by  step 
The most advanced is the portable brushless micromotor nail drill ,such as Prime -1210 ang Prime -1210d;
Which Represents the highest technology and the most advanced performance level of nail drill products.

portable brushless nail drill

The Benefits of using a nail drill

1. High security

For nail removal methods such as partial makeup remover or makeup remover, the nail drill only needs to use a polisher to gently polish on the fingertips. There is no need to use these chemical-containing nail removal products before the operation, and there is no need to worry about the damage to the nails. No worry about the Safety issue.

2. Efficient and comfortable

The nail drill machine turns manual into mechanization. It used to take 30 minutes to remove nails, but now it can be done quickly in a few minutes. Whether it is ordinary nail polish or extended phototherapy gel, it can be removed quickly and completely by just using a nail drill machine. , The whole process will make guests feel very comfortable.

3. High performance

Different nail drill bits can also replace dead skin scissors, rubbing strips and other tools for hand and foot pre-treatment and care. This will not only greatly improve the operation efficiency of the nail salon of the manicurist, increase customer flow, but also increase the professional service items in the store. , Let the salon store got doubled rewards